Every construction site requires the right machinery to build and maintain a productive and safe working environment. Of course, every construction project has its own unique requirements depending on what is being built and how big the project is. However, there are certain machines that play a crucial role and tend to always be construction sites. We explore some of those below.


From creating sublevels for residential and commercial buildings to establishing a solid foundation for any construction, excavation is a key process in any project no matter what type of soil. Excavation machinery are specifically designed to dig up any terrains. This includes machinery to blast hard material like rock as well as bulldozers and diggers to help dig and remove rubble.


Cranes are crucial for lifting and transporting heavy objects like steel beams, concrete pillars and other machinery in and out of construction sites. These towering machines require careful handling from an experienced professional to complete the complex manoeuvres required in their operation.

Loaders and Movers

Loaders and movers play an essential role in collecting and transferring rubble, clearing out rubbish and helping to fill in holes. Backhoe loaders are common machinery used for digging and loading. Crawler loaders combine the features of an excavator and backhoe, allowing you to easily dig and move dug soil from one place to another on any terrain.


The materials used in a construction project are often large and heavy. This means large scale transportation to transfer those items are necessary for almost any project. Trucks are essential for carrying building material to the site as well as helping to remove rubble and rubbish.

Safety and Security

Construction work can be dangerous. Every project has to take safety and security measures for the public and workers into account, which includes using:

  • Barrier planks
  • Temporary fencing
  • Hazard tape
  • First aid kits and supplies
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Mandatory signs (e.g. everyone must wear helmets)
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Windscreens
  • Temporary overhead protection
  • Light towers
  • Security camera systems

Mobile Batching Plant

Whether for the foundations or for the structure itself, concrete plays an important role in almost every construction project. Producing high quality concrete is essential for ensuring the end structure is strong and well-built. Our new Kimera Mobile volumetric concrete mixers that have the ability to weigh in all products which complies to Australian Standards AS1379 allow you to create fresh concrete on site at perfect proportions, ensuring your structure is as durable as it can be.

Concrete Batching Equipment for Sale or Hire

If you’re looking for concrete batching equipment for sale or require other manufacturing plant, get in touch with the experienced team at Batchcrete. From mini concrete pump hire to screed mixer hire and much more, we understand the complex nature of the industry and provide concrete equipment to suit a variety of needs, with the option of tailor-built solutions. Call us today on 08 9463 5355 or contact us online for high quality, cost effective concrete supplies.