Cement Storage and Dispensing Solutions from Batchcrete International

Batchcrete International is your premier partner in advanced concrete batching and mixing solutions. We offer a comprehensive range of equipment that is cost-effective, easily transportable, and scalable to any project size. 

Here, we will focus on our specialised Cement Storage and Dispensing Collection, which is essential for maintaining the quality and efficiency of your concreting materials.

Our Comprehensive Product Offerings

Explore our extensive range of cement equipment designed to meet the diverse needs of construction and industrial projects.

1: Cement Silos

Our silos are engineered to provide safe and efficient storage for bulk materials, ensuring quality and minimising wastage.

Telescopic, Panel, and Segmental Silos

  • Capacity: Available in a range from 20 tonnes to 1200 tonnes.
  • Features: Mobile horizontal silos, which can accommodate up to 70 tonnes, can be set up quickly, requiring no cranes or other heavy equipment. This rapid deployment is crucial for dynamic construction sites.
  • Convenience and Safety: Includes features like screw conveyors for direct feed into mixer trucks or batching plants. Safety features include sailor stairs with optional outlets piped to the ground, ensuring operational safety and convenience.
  • Durability and Monitoring: Built to endure tough conditions, these silos are equipped with safety features such as pressure relief valves and level indicators that help monitor and manage the material levels safely.

2: Cement Dispensers

Our range of cement dispensers offers precision and efficiency, enhancing the effectiveness of your material handling operations.

Sami 3DE Cement Dispenser

  • Capacity: 3m³, suitable for dispensing bulk bag powders, ideal for small to medium-scale operations.
  • Advanced Features: This dispenser is skid-mounted and features a comprehensive weighing and batching system with electronic control for precise operation.
  • Design and Usability: It includes a user-friendly control interface with an alphanumeric keyboard, simplifying operations. The design includes a manual bag breaker and a side-mounted ladder for easy access.

Horizontal Eurosilos (Sami)

  • Storage Space: Offers between 15 – 45m³, depending on the model. This range caters to medium to large-scale operations requiring flexible storage options.
  • Integrated Systems: Features include load cells, vibrators, horizontal and inclined augers, and an electronic control panel that ensures precise operations.
  • Additional Features: Comes with operational essentials like a loading pipe, relief pipe, manhole, pressure relief valve, and manually operating off-loading legs.

3: Bulk Bag Dispenser

Designed for high-volume material handling, our bulk bag dispensers are built to maximise efficiency and minimise labour.

  • Capacity: Starts from 1 tonne, accommodating needs for large-scale operations.
  • High Output: Capable of a conveyor output up to 40,000kg/hr at a 30-degree angle, ensuring efficient material flow.
  • Robust Construction: Constructed with a powder-coated heavy wall RHS frame, it’s designed for durability and is skid-mounted with lifting points for mobility.
  • Precise Control: Offers an optional PLC control system with a deductive weighing system for accurate dispensing.

4: Augers

Our augers are designed to provide flexible and reliable material movement, which is essential for efficient operations across various project sites.

  • Customisable Lengths and Outputs: Our augers are available in lengths up to 13 meters, with outputs ranging from 5 to 150 tonnes per hour, customisable to specific project requirements.
  • Engineered for Efficiency: Features variable pitch flights to prevent material compaction and oil-immersed reduction gearboxes for sustained performance.
  • Flexible Operation: These augers are capable of operating at angles from 0 to 45 degrees, providing versatile application across different operational setups.

Applications and Advantages

Batchcrete’s equipment is pivotal in numerous scenarios, ensuring quality and efficiency in material handling and storage.

  • Construction Sites: Our mobile silos and dispensers provide quick setup and easy repositioning, which is crucial for maintaining seamless operations in dynamic construction environments.
  • Industrial Applications: The large capacity silos cater to industrial needs, providing a continuous and reliable supply of materials.
  • Portable Operations: Our equipment is designed for flexibility, allowing for easy relocation to meet the demands of various project sites.

Why Choose Batchcrete

Choose Batchcrete for unparalleled quality and innovation in cement storage and dispensing systems. We’re dedicated to providing solutions that enhance both productivity and cost efficiency across all your projects.

  • Assured Quality

We ensure the integrity and quality of your materials, helping to reduce wastage and enhance cost-effectiveness. Our rigorous quality control measures and high-performance materials guarantee superior results for every application.

  • Versatility

Our equipment is designed to meet the diverse needs of small, medium, and large-scale projects. Whether you are handling a residential build or a large commercial project, our solutions can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

  • Dedicated Support

Batchcrete provides comprehensive customer support, including equipment setup, operational training, and ongoing maintenance. Our expert team is committed to assisting you throughout the lifecycle of your equipment, ensuring maximum uptime and productivity.

  • Innovative Engineering

We continuously integrate the latest technologies to meet the ever-changing needs of the construction industry. Our commitment to innovation leads to smarter, safer, and more efficient practices in material handling and storage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What types of cement silos does Batchcrete offer?

We provide telescopic, panel, and segmental silos with capacities ranging from 20 tonnes to 1200 tonnes, along with mobile options for rapid deployment.

2. Can I customise the auger systems based on my project needs?

Yes, our augers come in various lengths and outputs, with options for variable pitch flights and different operational angles to accommodate different project requirements.

3. Are there any safety features included with your cement silos?

Yes, all our silos are equipped with essential safety features like pressure relief valves and level indicators to ensure safe operations.

4. How do I know which cement dispenser is right for my project?

Our expert team is ready to assist you in selecting the right equipment based on your specific needs, including project size, material volume, and operational flexibility.

5. What support does Batchcrete offer after purchasing equipment?

We offer comprehensive support, including installation, operational training, and maintenance services to ensure your equipment operates efficiently and reliably.

Contact Us

For more detailed information on our products or to make a product inquiry, please call us at 1800-739-006 or visit our website. At Batchcrete, we are dedicated to equipping your business with the best industry solutions and ensuring your projects are completed efficiently and with high quality.

  • Telescopic Silos

    Features and Benefits
    • External protection for all silos
    • Service platform with ladder, back guard and safety guard with intermediate rest
    • Butterfly valves for material discharging
    • Safety valve for silo pressure control
    • Blowing plant with nozzle to facilitate the exit of the materials.
    • Silo level blade indicator
  • Silos

    • Telescopic, Panel or segmental types from 20t up 1200t • Mobile Horizontal silo from 20t up to 70t require no foots or cranes to set up. Set up in 4 hours • Screw conveyors • Suit for direct feed into mixer trucks, batching plants or industrial mixers. • Loss in weight batching or via weigh hopper • Fully equipped or as stand alone units • Sailor stairs/optional outlet piped to ground • Pressure relief valves • Level indicators
  • Sami Silm 3DE Cement Dispenser

    • 3m³ capacity silo for dispensing bulk bag powders
    • Skid mounted
    • Weighing and Batching system with 4 load cells and electronic terminal
    • Additional timed extraction system
    • User friendly terminal via alpha-numeric keyboard and display
    • 194mm x 6m auger – flow rate approx. 15m³ (20t) per hour with adjustable ball coupling
    • Over 4m discharge height
    • Vibrator on cone to assist material flow
    • Side mounted ladder
    • Operator and maintenance manual
    • Bag breaker
    • Epoxy primer and polyurethane glaze finish (RAL 7038)
    • Transport dimensions 2200mm x 2800mm
  • Sami – Eurosilos (Horizontal)

    Features and Benefits

    Dependent on model
    • Total storage space between 15 – 45m³
    • Load cells – 4
    • Vibrators – 6
    • Horizontal auger
    • Inclined auger up to 4.2m with adjustable ball coupling.
    • Loading pipe,
    • Relief pipe
    • Manhole
    • Pressure relief value.
    • Electronic control panel
    • Load cell weighing system with electronic instruments
    • Manually operating off loading legs with two-speed reductor
  • Cement Dispensers

    Features and Benefits

    • Bin capacity 1000 or 2000 kg
    • Screw output: 40,000kg/hr @30 degree angle
    • Screw conveyor features a 195mm diameter
    • Frame is powder coated heavy wall RHS
    • Fork pockets and chain lifting lugs fitted
    • Max discharge height 3,390mm
    • Weighing system is de-cumulative with plc control if fitted
    • Motor rating is 4kW-9.2kW
  • Bulk Bag Dispenser

    Features and Benefits

    • Bin capacity available from 1 tonne upwards
    • Conveyor output: 40,000kg/hr @30 degree angle
    • Frame is powder coated heavy wall RHS
    • skid Mounted and or Lifting Points
    • De-ductive weighing system with optional plc control
    • Motor rating is 4kW-9.2kW
  • Augers

    • Various lengths up to 13m standard.
    • Outputs from 5 to 150 tonne per hour
    • Variable pitch flights prevent compaction
    • Oil immersed reduction gearboxes
    • Flanged or Universal inlets
    • Operation from 0 to 45 degree (Vertical option)
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