Are you interested in the benefits that a vertical silo could bring to your project? It becomes a difficult choice when you have 10-tonne small scale silos, 10,000 industrial silos, and everything in between to choose from! Trust us; we get it. So, the question of the day is, how do you determine which size is right for you?

As professional silo manufacturers, we have helped many clients pick out their ideal silo capacity. Here are a few points for your consideration. 

What Space Do You Have Available? 

One of the key advantages of vertical silos is that they require very little ground space. However, they do require vertical space and the bigger the silo capacity, the more space that it will require. Be sure that you have a look at overall specs, not just capacity when determining the right size silo for you.

Use A Silo Capacity Calculator 

Use one of the many silo capacity calculators online to help determine which vertical silo size is right for you and your project. For this, you will need some of the metrics involved in your project operations.

Consider Growth 

Do you feel that your capacity needs may expand in the next few months or even a year? If this is the case, you may want to consider investing in a silo that has a bit extra capacity than your current needs, this way you won’t need to replace it with a larger one a few months to a year down the line. Capacity growth is something you should definitely consider when buying a silo.

Speak To The Experts 

The best thing you can do in ensuring that you purchase the right size vertical silo for your specific needs is to speak to the silo manufacturer directly By telling them your space restrictions, capacity needs and expected growth, and they’ll be able to recommend the ideal silo size for you! Expert silo manufacturers like us will offer professional advice on all your silo needs. 

Looking to purchase a high-quality vertical silo? At Batchcrete, we specialise in manufacturing vertical silos from 10 tonnes up to 10,000 tonne capacity. Contact us today to find out more about our vertical silos.

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