Batchcrete are specialist cement storage silo manufacturers, with expert knowledge in the industry and can offer superior products for businesses. We ensure that each storage solution is customised to every client’s needs and business use. As leaders in bulk storage and transfer equipment, Batchcrete aims to always to deliver silos that are accurately sized, every time. Each silo is made for convenient transportation, no-fuss installation, and setup. We offer an expansive range of concrete storage silos that cater to any scale process or project. Before making a purchase, make sure you consider the following: Storage capacity and lead times, mobility and durability. These are factors that can have an adverse effect on productivity if not included in your purchasing decision. While Batchcrete offers silos ideal for heavy usage and challenging environments, performance and condition are crucial elements dependent on your type of business.

Silos should be marked to indicate different variants and grades of cement. This can assist in creating a seamless production line, with no waste of useful materials. It is also vital to frequently perform function testing on the silo to enhance operations. All connections, valves, and airways should be kept clear at all times. Regular use can increase the risk of hardening cement, and blockages can be detrimental to your business.

Cement storage silos can be invaluable in several industries and are an advantageous asset to equip your business with. This type of equipment is commonly referred to as a storage facility, and that is because of its functionality. It serves to store and conserve production materials or resources and is fitted with safety valves and flanges on the top and bottom half of the silo. Essentially a silo is a more effective way to protect your business inputs.

Choosing a supplier should be a calculated decision. This type of equipment has easy installation, but value-added services such as assembly and informational guides can be helpful. Customer service should carry from pre-purchase to after purchase. At Batchcrete, we combine our expertise, industry knowledge and innovation to deliver products that benefit our customers.