Batchcrete System Design

Features and Benefits

  • Modular structure easily transported in sea containers.
  • Hoppers made from folded galvanised sheet metal sides and side-tops.
  • Electromechanical vibrators to facilitate descent of material.
  • Aggregate weigh batchers resting on load cells.
  • Cement weigh bins with load cell weighing systems.
  • Galvanised water weigh bin with load cell weighing system.
  • Microwave probe to measure and correct aggregate moisture
  • Heavy duty continuous or single batch mixer systems with control release systems.
  • Double ramp access stairs to mixer service deck.
  • Mixer service desk with studded galvanised walkway and safety rails.
  • Anodised aluminium control panel showing the plant in colour


  • Mixing plants are individually designed to meet client requirements for the production of top quality concrete, pastes, slurries and road base.
  • Our fixed mixing plants are suitable for producing paste-fill for the mining industry or supplying mixer trucks with concrete. Batchcrete systems are ideally suited for the underground mining operations or important civil / construction work.
  • Batchcrete’s modular structure and accurate batching systems are controlled by load cells and efficient management software in order to provide the highest quality assurance standards.



  • Aggregate storage capacity varies from 84m³ to 168 m³, with 3 – 6 hoppers.
  • Capable of mixing up to 400m³ compacted concrete per hour.
  • Plant has a batching unit for two additives and water
  • Aggregates are loaded by weigh batchers resting on load cells. Loading skips carry and discharge aggregates into the mixer.
  • Mixing is performed by either a continuous twin shaft mixer or single batch system ensuring a uniformed mix of various materials in very quick time.
  • Easy memorising of batching formula via integrated electronic management functions that are easy to operate eg:
    • Memorising batching formulae in m³ without quantity limits
    • Simplified development of formula with direct call of materials from product archive
    • Automatic moisture analysis and control
    • Management systems conducive to ISO standards and full scale commercial production.
  • Batchcrete silo’s deliver a high level of accuracy and feature components that allow for individual operating requirements. Silos are built for long term utilisation and are easy to transport due to their modular design. They can also be manufactured for specific industrial uses if required.