Concrete is a staple in every building and construction project in Australia, which means that if you’re in the industry, you’ll need the right equipment to prepare and store it on the job site where it’s needed. The most important machine you’ll need is a cement mixer. A reputable concrete mixer supplier should be able to provide you with enough options to meet your needs. Here are a few questions worth asking a potential supplier to find out if they have the necessary capacity.

  1. Can you offer a decent range of tank volumes?

A quality supplier will have solutions for individual tradespeople and large manufacturing concern. The average tank is not meant to be filled beyond 80% capacity, so it’s worth bearing this in mind when looking at concrete mixer specs. You should also note its dry filling capacity as this will tell you how much dry premix it can hold. You’ll also want to know if the machine must be manually refilled or not.

  1. Do you have mobile options?

Concrete frequently needs to be mixed on the job site, which may be located in a remote or isolated area. For this stage of construction, you’ll need a mobile, compact mixer that can easily be transported to and from a site on another vehicle, without requiring a license to be on the road. The presence of wheels and lifting handles also indicate that the mixer in question is suitable for small-scale, mobile use.

  1. Do you have batching and continuous flow systems?

Some projects require a constant supply of concrete mix on site – such as when a large-scale road or bridge is being built. For most businesses, a batch mixer is enough as it can prepare individual batches using stored ingredients as and when they’re needed for construction.

  1. Do you have gas, diesel and petrol models?

Different types of vehicle are preferable for different concrete mixer applications. A diesel engine works well in low-speed, high-powered environments. They’re hardy and low-maintenance too. A petrol-powered vehicle may be preferable for a smaller site.

An expert concrete mixer supplier will be able to answer the above questions without hesitation. No two concrete mixing jobs are alike, which is why it’s crucial to ensure that your concrete mixer supplier can shortlist the right options for you to choose from.

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