The world’s hydrated lime market is directly linked to the rise and fall of the lime market. Today, we look at the movements of both these markets to better serve our hydrated lime system clients. We are using research from the USA-based company Expert Market Research.

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Market Growth

In 2020, the world’s lime market peaked at a value of nearly forty-seven billion US dollars, with a projected CAGR of up to 4% up to 2027. This puts the projected peak value, by the end of 2026, to be fifty-nine and a half billion US dollars.

This growth is partially linked to the increasing demand for hydrated lime as part of a water treatment solution. Global population growth and a drinking water shortage have an estimated 33% of the population without access to potable water. Soaring water pollution levels exacerbate this specific shortage.

In response to this, water treatment plants are on the rise as well as the demand for affordable solutions like hydrated lime. Additional demand for hydrated lime is coming from the industrial and residential waste sector, where it is used as a sludge stabiliser and sludge conditioner.

Global government water initiatives are also fuelling the market growth.

The Construction Industry’s Impact On Hydrated Lime Market

As the construction industry’s growth has surged post-pandemic, its demand for hydrated lime (HL) surged as well. HL enhances soils in the following way:

  • Load-bearing capacity
  • Stability
  • Reduce permeability of soils

Due to these benefits, it is gaining popularity in the construction industry, especially where clay is present, as HL reduces clay’s plasticity and moisture-holding ability, increasing stability and density.

Hydrated Lime Systems & Concrete

There has been growing research and use of HL as an alternative to cement in concrete mixtures as it decreases costs. It is also being used as an alternative in mortar mixtures, which enhances the stability and strength of structures.


The world’s HL market, linked to the lime market, will achieve a fifty-nine and a half billion US dollar peak by the end of 2026 if things go according to plan.

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