Many Australian mining, civil engineering, and construction businesses rely on silos (or mixing plants) in their daily operational requirements for mixing concrete, base, and paste mixtures for various applications. Deciding whether to opt for a fixed or mobile silo is an important decision to make, and picking the wrong one for your project can result in time and money wasted, and may even pose a safety hazard. The most obvious difference between a mixed and mobile silo is that one can be moved around, and the other remains in one place. But what other factors should be considered?

Stationary silos are most often mixing stations used for producing higher volume mixes, and are therefore larger and costlier to install than mobile silos. However, they are more environmentally friendly,as they minimise waste and noise generated during the process of mixing, weighing, and producing wet and dry materials.

The mixing performance of a fixed silo is also a benefit, as it tends to rely on twin shaft mixers that are fixed horizontally. This enables the silo to churn large volumes of mixtures at high speeds without wearing out or requiring constant maintenance, making it a better choice for large scale, tough jobs. A disadvantage of this type of system is without a high pressure washing system, cleaning can be challenging, as it’s difficult to discharge completely.

On the other hand, mobile silos are created to be smaller for higher and cheaper operational efficiency, and can be mounted on vehicles to create batches of product required across longer distances. A mobile silo usually relies on a planetary mixer, and while the mixer also operates at a high speed, it may wear and tear easier.However, it is easy to clean, and perfect for small batch colour mixes, or different types of mixes. This results in less overall wastage and emissions during production.

Whether you choose a fixed silo or mobile silo, it will be sold by capacity,and this is usually measured in tonnage ranging from a mere 4 tonnes to a whopping 3000 tonnes. Batchcrete can match you to the perfect silo for your project needs, and our mobile mine fill paste plants with twin shaft mixers are amongst our most popular offerings. For more information, contact us today.

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