You’ve just found a listing that you’ve been searching for. Before you sign a cheque, there are a few factors and features that should be checked out. Knowing that the product you’re about to invest in is up to scratch is very important so be sure not to miss this step.

A Few Things To Consider

A good product will have a standard working life of 25 to 30 years or more. Once you have worked out the exact kind of silo that you’re interested in make sure that your research is up to date, as well as the information on the features of any products that you’ve got your eye on. It’s important that the silo is an asset to your company and not a liability.

Know the size that you need and make quadruple sure that your future product matches. There are large and small silos alike that would suit different areas and purposes. This is an important feature that shouldn’t be skipped unless you want to risk an unhappy surprise later on.

The Seal

The silo needs to meet the sealable Australian Standard AS2628 so that future fumigations or other interior processes are effective, not to mention, containing the future contents of the silo. This is something that all manufacturers should guarantee and something that all buyers need to be sure about.


You will want a silo that easy to keep clean. There are certain features here like the correct interior walls covering, perforated flooring, a base structural design, and others that make sure of this. These little checks can mean the difference between a good buy and a liability.


When it comes to emptying or filling the silo, aspects like the height, the placement of the lid opening(s), the auger access, and more are the elements that influence how the silo will realistically work onsite. Inspections also need to be kept in mind and how easily they can be conducted.

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