Perhaps the most compelling case for large or small fixed concrete plants is that they are fantastic when needing accurate dosing and high quality on a constant basis for ongoing mining and construction projects. They are more suitable for construction projects of large work quantity for longer construction periods. The need to move a mobile concrete plant from one location to another, and the stress and hassle that goes with it, is removed with fixed concrete plants. And, better yet, they’re also a money saver, saving on costs incurred by using multiple mobile plants and high human labour.

Large Concretes Plants Have Their Unique Benefits

Larger fixed concrete plants boast a high automation degree, high productivity, high weighing accuracy, and provide good mixing quality. This is the result of state-of-the-art operations conducted in a closed system under an effective production mode. Large concrete plants also boast adequate and sufficient infrastructural facilities such as fuel, power and transport systems for longevity, ease of use and low transport costs.

Not only is the environmental performance of large concrete plants experienced, but materials are saved rather than wasted. Socio-economic considerations justify the preference for relatively capital-intensive technology found within these large concrete plants. In addition, large enough deposits of basic raw material and concrete are available. No matter the project, location or project size, large concrete plants can be put to use in a wide application of mining, industrial or engineering projects.

Small To Medium Concrete Plants Also Have Their Advantages

Smaller and medium-sized fixed concrete plants, although smaller in size when compared to large concrete plants, also have their advantages as well. These plants also offer stable output and can be used in a wide range of applications for different effective purposes. Covering less land occupation, these plants are quick to set up, with only a small amount of manpower and time to complete maintenance. This significantly reduces man power and financial costs.

With small to medium plants, expect lower capital investment per unit of production without sacrificing the quality of the product; lower gestation period which helps in realising quicker returns on capital invested; the quick setup of a concrete industry in locations where movement of heavy machinery is difficult; and the reduction of the average unit cost of transporting concrete through the dispersal of concrete-production facilities.

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