If you type the keyword ‘mobile silos’ into a search engine, more than 16 million results pop up. As a potential buyer, this doesn’t do much for you if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. Instead, it may leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused. The selection process for an investment this big shouldn’t be taken lightly. You have to complete all the checks before signing off on any cheques.

Sure, you could start by going through some of the websites on page one to peruse the information, but you have to take it further if you’re serious about buying. No, we don’t mean you have to commit as yet. All we mean is that you can start off by asking the right questions, such as:

Question 1 – What Is The Storage Capacity Of The Silos On Your Catalogue?

Every business has different storage needs, so it doesn’t make sense to buy from a company that only caters for one size. Shop through a variety of sizes and discuss your needs in relation to them. Speaking to an expert from a silo company will definitely help.

Question 2 – What Price Range Should I Expect To Spend Within?

Depending on size, quality, and other factors, prices for mobile silos will vary. Look through a catalogue or request quotes, then ask about what distinguishes each product from the next. This will help you set a reasonable budget and interrogate value for money from the outset.

Question 3 – Do You Offer Additional Products That Assist The Performance Of Silos?

Whether it’s a servicing plan or cleaning products, it’s important to ensure that you’ll have the support you need to keep your mobile silo in good shape. Ask about what kind of support is available for you and if it comes at an extra cost. It allows you to decide if the purchase is worth it in the greater scheme of things.

Buying the right silos to service your business could elevate your entire operation. The answer lies in finding a supplier you can rely on to deliver exactly what you need. At Batchcrete International, we pride ourselves in providing only the best mobile silos to our client. Call us today for a quote.