The Batchcrete Mobile Paste Multimix 3-180 LT System has a powerful and intimidating name, but that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a semi-mobile plant. Created as a semi-mobile plant with mixer for the production of Minefill Paste and rolled-compacted concrete by continuous batching, it is every construction site dream. Easily transportable on trucks or flat-rack containers, its main feature is realised for quick assembly/disassembly, because there is nothing worse than spending two days having to disassemble a unit, we got you. The real showstopper, of course, are the features, combining efficiency and power, just like the construction owner you are.

The Main Show

Usually, we like to tease an intro, making you desire the knowledge of what we have on show. But sometimes, the real treat comes in its simplicity. It’s the familiarity and home-cooked main meal that makes our heart pound. Like your grandmother’s lasagne, the storage of simplified recipes indicates the component within the raw materials archive and by entering the amount onto a numerical keypad it shows within a display window. Not only that, but unlike that text you sent it can recall and copy a recipe for the storage of an analogous one with minimum required changes only. We take the hassle out of all your measurements by an automatic calculation of the particle size range to correct the mix water. To take into account the moisture withheld by aggregate materials depending on concrete requested performances for example RCK, workability, environmental class exposure, etc. Not only is this machine able to do the thinking work for you, but now fully compatible with excel you can export, monitor and change your stored recipes.

Boasting an Output/flow rate of 60 to 180 m³/h as well as a total storage capacity of 45 m³ this Semi-mobile plant stores more than just n.3 for you, but your entire process too. Easy-peasy. The storage capacity of each compartment is an enormous 15 m³/each. The loading width of said compartment 3.30 m/each with a width of 3.30 m/each. Discharge height at an impressive 4.10 m this majestic wonder is additionally set with upper extra boards hinged on three sides. Not only do you have the luxury of the additional boards, but an ambidextrous board has been added to allow full freedom when positioning it. Now that’s what we call efficient.

Extraction of aggregate materials- It’s all about the threes

Nothing says efficiency like 3 inverter-controlled extractor belts with smooth belt applied to the unloading doors; 3 detection systems of material applied to the unloading doors; and to top it off 3 level rotary gauge (n.1 on each bin) to indicate that the minimum level of material has been reached. That really is not the end of our extraction, but like I said leaving you wanting more.

Sometimes the proof is in the pudding and the statistics of the semi-mobile plant does not do this glorious piece of art justice. Finding perfection has never been easier, so contact us today for the full specifications. There is just nothing like a home on wheels. Contact Batchcrete, for every project.

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