Mobile batching plants are the unsung heroes of Australia’s construction sector, playing a critical role in diverse projects. The industry has been listed, by Trade Departments, as a critical player in the country’s economy and a direct contributor to economic growth. But why are plants like Batchcrete’s SAMI Tecno mobile batch plants so important to the construction sector?

The Key Mobile Batching Plant Sector Benefits

Leading the list of benefits is the ability of the plants to operate off-hours. The simple machinery only requires one driver on an off-hours shift for the delivery, and no crane or ground levelling is required on site. In contrast, a drum mixer delivery requires a team member to coordinate batching and another to coordinate loading. There is an immediate financial benefit, especially for after-hours work.

Next, a mobile batching plant mixer is adaptable and responsive. It is simple to program, thereby producing a variety of concretes with different recipes.

The adaptability extends to short-notice changes. A recipe can be adjusted on-site, via touch-screen or remote access from a site office, to accommodate a client’s change of mind. 

An additional client benefit is the ability to adjust an order quantity literally at the last minute. The load volume can be changed on-site, which drives up project efficiencies.

Production teams enjoy mobile bath plants because they can adapt to the flow of the project. If productivity needs to be interrupted or is unpredictable due to a site being particularly complex, this is not a problem if you have a mobile batch plant on site. A drum mixer, on the other hand, has a very narrow delivery window before the product is unusable. Ad hoc or irregular, the mobile batch plant is able to oblige.

Carbon footprint reduction & waste reduction — An ordered load, via drum mixer, is done in advance and order changes from a complex site often miss the retraction deadline, which can result in horrendous waste. This is avoided with the use of a mobile plant. Last-minute orders of the optimal quantity can be accommodated. Mixing on site reduces multiple trips to quarries as well.

Financial savings can be passed on to customers when less than expected volumes are used as the produced volume can be reduced. No wasted product, no wasted money. 

Projects Using Mobile Batch Plants

With such diverse, high-impact benefits, mobile batching plants are pivotal roleplayers in diverse construction projects, for example:

  • Essential infrastructure projects
  • Short-term emergency rail repair and rehabilitation
  • Short-term motorway maintenance projects
  • Remote project locations (far from quarries)
  • Innovative projects such as rail electrification that used customised mobile batch plants

Building Australia’s Future

Our humble, hard-work mobile batching plants will be crucial in many Australian infrastructure projects (rail, road, airports and community building) scheduled to take place over the next twenty years. Luckily, it’s a growing industry that grows even in recessions!

Talk to our team of experts about Batchcrete’s SAMI Tecno mobile batch plants for your site and be part of building Australia’s future!