Are you a builder or construction worker that often undertakes paving or masonry? If so, you’ll know that the more efficiently you spend time on the job, the better it is for both you and your client. Often a project can be held up for several days or even weeks due to a lack of availability of resources, creating a disruption in everyone’s schedules, and results in time and money being wasted. Why not increase your productivity and efficiency by taking your building needs into your own hands? Simply invest in your own brick paving and concrete limestone block manufacturing solution.

How automated moulding line machinery saves you time and effort

There are a variety of moulds available that can enable you to create a selection of concrete, limestone building blocks, bricks, cladding, or even tiles. All you need is a machine with an automated mould feeding line that can accept most common mould sizes, which are usually 40cm by 3.3cm, and 4 cm high. As machines like this (which Batchcrete Australia can provide) are only seven to eight metres in length and completely mobile, they can easily fit into most workspaces and sites. They also allow for high volume manufacturing and production of up to 260 units per hour.

When you use a moulding line machine, you’re combining a dosing line with an automatic mould feed, spraying booth, feed attachments, and vibrating table, all operating on an automated cycle. This means that less manpower is needed, as the software running the processes will automatically dose the mixture according to the size of the mould, using an integrated weighing system to ensure perfectly uniform bricks, every single time.

As each mould passes through a special release spraying section before arriving at the dosing head unit to be dosed, it remains clean and clear between uses. Once it’s filled, vibrating modules will transport each one via conveyor belt, so it can be removed, stacked and prepared for use.

In a matter of seconds, you could be presented with dozens of perfectly sized bricks that are ready to be put to use in any paving or building project. No more dealing with crew having to wait around for time consuming and costly deliveries, and no more dealing with inconvenient product shortages that you can’t afford!

To find out more about ordering automated moulding line machinery for your business, contact Batchcrete for more information.

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