How do you get a good concrete mixer? Well, it’s not all intuitive, but you need to follow a few guidelines. Besides, it’s responsible for doing one of the most critical tasks. To help you invest wisely, we are giving you the following pointers:

What is the difference between cement, concrete and mortar? All three of these are explained below:

Mortar: This product composes of sand and cement. Water is added to activate cement. While concrete stands on itself, the mortar is used to hold bricks or other stones together.

Cement: This is the binding element of both Mortar and Concrete

Concrete:  This is a product, which comprises mainly of sand, cement, and gravel. Cement activates with water which binding together to form a solid effect.

The Mixer

A mixer is basically a stationary through inside which is themotor driver. A horizontal shaft is attached to its paddles. Electric motor or gasoline power the mixing paddle. Some come with a circular vertical drum. In most machines, the mixing shaft and its paddles are vertical.

The mixer features a round rotating barrel like adrum with paddles inside. The drum tips up at anangle and the power source rotates the drum. One end is open for loading concrete and unloading the finished product.

As the drum rotates, the paddle will lift and drop ingredients over again to mix up slurry which will hard up to form. When done with mixing, the drum tips to pour out thewet mixture. The concrete mixture can also be used to make mortar. However, the mortar can make concrete.

Before you buy a mixer, you need to weigh what do you want to invest in, performance, durable and options. Durability is an important factor, but you should also see the availability of replacement parts.

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