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Batchcrete International is home to a wide range of concrete batching and concrete mixing solutions. We assist Australian businesses with equipment for sale and hire, and our machinery is suitable for any size project – in addition to being easy to transport and cost-effective. Here’s what we can provide your business with.

  • Mobile Batch Plants

If your company works on remote projects or sites, you’ll need a mobile batch plant. These plants are easy to transport and set up. We have a selection of wet and dry batch plants, available in a variety of sizes and specifications. Leasing options are available.

  • Fixed Batching Plants

Our fixed batching plants are ideal for companies looking for a consistent and reliable system for producing high-quality concrete. We can also produce plants that meet specific requirements for your long-term needs.

  • Concrete Mixers

We have a range of concrete mixers suited for any building and construction jobs. Once again, hiring a mixer is an option if you are looking to use it for a short period. Our new and used mixers are also properly maintained and ready for any job site.

  • Silos and Dispensers

Having reliable silos and dispensers is important in the process of storing and transporting your material. Batchcrete and has a range of silos and dispensers to store your concrete, make it easier to transport, as well as to cut down on waste and save money.

  • Concrete Transport

We have a range of conveyor belts and transport systems to help you get your concrete where it’s needed, when it’s needed. Our manufacturers can also create transport systems to meet your exact requirements and specifications, and you can also hire a system for your short-term needs.

  • Concrete Pumps

Our concrete pump range allows you to quickly and efficiently pump concrete on site. We also have pump trucks and static pumps available if you need a pump on multiple sites.

  • Grout Mixers

We have a selection of grout pumps for sale, lease and hire. These are ideal for large or small scale jobs, and are diesel and electrically powered. If you’re unsure of which mixer you need, our highly team can help you find the best one, at the best price.

  • Used Equipment

At Batchcrete International, we pride ourselves on having a high-quality range of used machinery. If you’re looking for a new piece of equipment, but can’t afford something brand new, second-hand does the job just as well.

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When you need concrete batching equipment for sale or hire, look no further than the excellent deals at Batchcrete. We offer short-term hire, longer leases or equipment for purchase, depending on your individual needs and the length of your projects.

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