Commencing in May, Batchcrete’s Twin Mix Grout Plant will be used in Onslow as part of the Wheatstone project. The two year venture involves grouting marine dolphins.Building on the knowledge from previous grout plant designs, Batchcrete purposely fabricated the unit to meet the project requirements. Capable of producing 10 – 15 cubes an hour and integrating a number of Batchcrete’s importer products the plant was completed in only six weeks.

Housed within a mobile frame the plant has a number of components worth explaining.

A)     Gantry: This motorised crane system picks up and drops bags of cement into the cement dispenser.

B)     Cement Dispenser: Splits the bags (blades inside the hopper) and transports the cement into the twin TTM mixers via a screw auger.

C)     TTM Planetary Mixers: Two 485L planetary mixers configured to ensure the B100 is receiving a continuous flow of grout.

D)     B100 and Hydraulic Power Pack: Pump the grout using a stator and rotor with a 50mm hose.

E)      Control Box: The central hub of the plant.